Papua Coffee

Papua Coffee

The essential oils unique to Papua Coffee promote pH balance and detoxification. Our intentions to offer a feeling of wellbeing as you savor each precious cup.

NON-ACIDIC: Even those sensitive to caffeine & aciditydo not experience the discomfort ofjitteriness & acid reflux.

NON-DEHYDRATING: Unlike most other coffee, Papua does notcause dehydration.

DETOXIFYING: The beneficial essentials oils help drawtoxins from the body.

Ingredients: Organically Grown 100% Pure Papua New Guinea

Traditionally, Papa New Guinea coffee is prepared in an espresso machine or French press. These machines allow for the fruity and floral flavors to be at the forefront of this bold cup of coffee. The medium roast will keep the light and cheerful acidity, whereas a medium-dark roast will create a richer cup.