About us

Welcome to Earth Blend Ingredients By Jovial Spices

My hope is to inspire people to live life with intention and create a life with full of flavor and love.
Jovial will provide our customers with organic, high quality and great tasting spices.
Our spices are sure to enhance the flavor of all your dishes while providing health benefits.

Who We Are ?

I, Juliet Avanesian, am a single mom of two young boys. Right after I lost my husband to cancer, my eldest son was diagnosed with Autism at 2. I was devastated and feeling hopeless! I knew something had to change. So, I set out to learn how to help my son and what it would take to maintain optimum health for my entire family.

I have learned this past few years to change my lifestyle and adopt a healthy diet and mindset. I have learned how food can be our daily medicine. Through eating healthy, I witnessed tremendous progress in my son’s health. As we all know change doesn’t come easy! So, I started taking small steps like changing spices, seasoning, and salts I used daily. We often tend to overlook the health benefits of the herbs and seasoning we use. Through this process, I learned that using the right spices/seasoning not only makes the food tastier but each spice can have its own healing properties.

Our products come from small family-operated farms, and we use high quality fresh and organic products.

As you know, the word spice refers to any dried part of a plant, other than leaves, used for seasoning and flavoring a recipe! Spices/seasonings are an essential part of any cuisines. I came up with the idea of creating my spices to make these spices/seasoning easily accessible to those who wish to add organic and wholesome ingredients to their daily cooking.

In my list of spices/seasonings, you will find Organic Elephant Garlic, Organic Red Onion, and Organic Horseradish that are not readily available in stores.

Juliet created her spices with these priorities in mind.

1- All spices are Natural and Organic.
2- Providing health and nutrient benefits to all universal dishes.
3- Implementing antibacterial abilities that destroy harmful bacteria overgrowth without eliminating probiotics’ benefits as regular garlic does.
4- To make the use of these powerful spices effectless, affordable, and readily available.

From Jovial to your tables! Hope you enjoy it!